Saturday, October 31, 2009

150 + 1

Remember this little guy?

He's my first, and might I concede, very pathetic attempt at making a softie. It doesn't take Martha Stewart to recognise that I need help!

So to celebrate my 150 + 1 post I'm having a giveaway!!!

The prize will be the second ever softie that I make... and to enter all you need to do is comment on this post with words of encouragement to cheer me on with this endeavour - friendly words of advice and motivation! You will receive an entry for every comment that you make (on this post), but you are limited to just one comment a day. I'll keep you all posted on my progress. The giveaway will end and the winner will be drawn the moment after the softie is finished.

You might be thinking - why would I enter that giveaway when her first softie was SO pathetic? Well ... this next softie is going to be super cool and good for a number of reasons. In the wise words of Yazz - "the only way is up" and then of course there is the primary school proverb "first the worse, second the best & third the hairy princess*" not to mention with your guidance this softie will be the result of a team effort.

On completion of the prize softie I'm making a commitment to make two more, one for Softies for Mirabel and the other for under a charity Christmas tree in my local area.

So... here it goes... suggestions on a softie pattern to make?

* please rest assured that the softie princess for mirabel will be waxed before she is sent on her merry way to Pip's


  1. My motto is that 'practice makes perfect' and 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'!
    There are lots of softie patterns over on Johannas blogs - and

  2. I really didnt think your teddy bear looked bad at all, you sounded like you were in such a dark place when you made him that you could have given him spikey hair and sharp hands and called him Edward. I thought he looked great, especially for a first attempt. I wont even attempt that kind of stuffie, mine have always had joints at every limb, i was too intimidated by the full on stuffies and the last 'stuffies' I have made are my little birds which are almost the easiest stuffie you can make other than stuffing a bag with polyfil. I look forward to seeing the next one!! If you are really worried why dont you do one of the russian dolls or an owl?

  3. i always thought it was 'third is the one with the hairy chest' - well that's what me and my sister always used to say anyhow!
    good luck on your second softie. i have been working on a softie for mirabel as well and it has woefully come to a halt at 99.9% complete as i reassess my ability and lack of skill to sew on a face that doesn't look either evil or demented. so i very much understand how you were feeling after finishing off your first one. maybe i will be inspired to go back and finish it off now and create a second one alongside you :)

  4. I didn't think your first softie looked that bad, he was quite cute in fact. He had a bit of homemade charm over him. Trying to think of a suggestion of what you can make for your 2nd softie, but drawing blanks. How about a frog :) Frog's are funny looking in themselves so whatever he looks like will be appropriate, oh oh... I know, a LION! I love cute lions (I don't know why, but I see Linus as lion).

  5. I think he looks cute! I like, has lots of tips and patterns. I am a bit of an elephant softie fan - i would love to try the Audrey and Maude pattern. Happy sewing xx

  6. I think its great!!! really really great!!!
    I am sure it will be very much loved.

  7. I'm about to have a go at a Craft Schmaft sock owl - I have everything I need except time!! Softies look fun, so good luck!

  8. Ok, you just scared the living daylights out of me with the Yazz mention and now the damned song is in my head. I have only one word of advice and that is to use lots of stuffing. After cuddles and kid-love the stuffing always squishes down loads. I also only really use 100% wool - if you use it once you'll never be able to go back to the polyester stuff (and the wool makes for a snuggly softie!). Good luck chook!

  9. He looks pretty good to me. Softies making is not my thing so I have no pattern suggestions for you. Have fun.

  10. go Sally, go!!! you can do it, it will be the very, bestest softie ever!!!
    i'll be following your softie making adventures and I'm sure you'll be great.
    as for me..I can't even sew buttons on things :)
    (is that enough encouragement for today)

  11. Hairy Princess.... and I always thought it was 'Dirty Donkey'. Not that one is more appealing than the other although a hairy princess is still a princess!!!

    I love the way you think Sally! This is a very cute post and cute idea. I'm happy to woo and cheer and chant "Give me an S, Give me an A, etc etc.. what do you get?" but I think your determination to move on from 'Frankenstein' is all you need!

    Here are some ideas:

    And when stuffing, roll the stuffing into little balls - about 3cm in size - rather than just pushing the stuffing in.

  12. Well he does have character, and that's what softies are all about.

    I think it's fabulous that you're having a go, and you can do it!! Practice really does yield better results with each go, so here's a bit of a 'You go girl!!' for your next softie.

    Maybe a little animal might be fun to make?
    Only suggestion I can give (and I kind of suck at making softies myself...) is to overfill with the stuffing :)


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