Friday, April 30, 2010

just a minute … in april

Listening… to my son’s fabulous use of simile. He uses the poetic device regularly. “This flower is like a helicopter” he exclaims as he rotates a flower stem between his fingers or “the sun is like a candle” explaining just why it was such a “lovely day”. Also listening to Ms. M talking more and more every day. As she has been quite ill for most of the month she is really starting to master the phrase “I want my mama”.

Watching… Footy Classified. I began following footy as a means to communicate to work colleagues that I would otherwise having nothing in common with. Over time I’ve enjoyed watching a  game or two, usually when my team is involved but most of all I have developed a love of tele shows that are about footy more than the game itself. Footy Classified is my absolute favourite. Caro, Gary, Grant and the bald guy  - priceless discussions. Love it even though I don’t really know who they’re talking about!!! It has become one of my all time favourite shows.

Sewing… a pin cushion as part of my first ever swap for this wonderful person and a  lined yoga bag. Also got started sewing more flannelette pyjamas for my little ones.

sewing together

As usual my sewing ambitions far outweighed what I actually achieved – not to worry – I’m reviewing my approach.

Crocheting…  STOP THE PRESS! hand

On the off chance that you missed my most exciting news this month I finished my first ever ever ever crocheted blanket. Made of granny squares I now refer to it as my 10² granny blanket or my rainbow blanket. I am so thrilled… I know I’ve said it already, a couple of times, but it really has made my month and looks to be in strong contention to be one of my top creations for 2010.

Photographing… I’m managing to keep up with my 365/a photo a day blog –more than a thousand words - I’ve missed three days so far which really isn’t too awful. I’ve been photographing fairly random things this month – as the weather gets colder and I’m spending more and more time indoors and consequently find my inspiration somewhat limited. Nonetheless it is a good challenge to find inspiration close at hand.

mr 3 the photographerThere is a new budding photographer in our family and he is getting rather good at it too – if I do say so my totally biased Mama self!  Check out one of my favourites over here.

Playing…   riding a bike

Ms. M is loving riding (or at least being pushed) around on her trike. She is also loving packing away her blocks and cashing-up with her fisher price cash register. Pretending to be a puppy dog is another popular past time – watching her crawl around saying ‘woof woof’ is SO adorable.

We’ve also been playing some games developed by our very own Mr.3. Such games include the very popular Aquarium Attendant Game – where one person pretends to work at the aquarium and the other pretends to be the tourist.

Football is another popular game with both children. Mr. 3 is particularly enamoured with the sport. Mr. 3’s development in terms of catching the ball is rapid and his passion for running up and down the length of the garden is exhausting to watch.

As ever we all love to dance. Earlier this evening we were busting our moves to Justine Clarke’s tunes. We have a lot of fun.


  1. OH we haven't danced to Justine yet. Haven't got her music yet. We do lots of wiggles, Hi 5, Bob & whatever else has music. lol

    Loved your post today!

  2. How cute is that photo of you and Miss M on the sewing machine.... teaching her early!

  3. love to bust some moves with a bit of Justine!

  4. I'm clinging to your new found football love. There's hope???! I reckon my kid is the only one at school who doesn't know how to play Aussie Rules. The Mr and I are FORCING ourselves to get enthused (but possibly only when kid is looking)...yikes!


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