Friday, September 17, 2010

stitched and bound

Stitched and Bound Poster 

Yesterday my partner and I had a very rare opportunity (the first time since February this year) to spend some time together sans children. We went out to lunch and then popped by the Stitched and Bound exhibition at Heathcote Museum.

It was great. There are so many very talented people out there in this world. I was overwhelmed with inspiration, and making a quilt has jumped ahead several places in my mental ‘to do’ list.

I had two overall favourite pieces from the exhibition – both are very different and yet both I could relate to intimately.

Here is a Picture for YouImage via

Here is a Picture for You by Ruth de Vos just blew me away. It is such a fantastic image – two children drawing lots of wonderful pictures – made from so many pieces of fabric. So vibrant. A closer look reveals so many wonderful aspects of this piece amongst them there is the screen printed rocket ship and the child-like drawing of a person in crayon on fabric. The quilting stitches take the piece to a whole new level. The stitches form new layers of imagery – more child-like drawings of people, an elephant, a castle. Breathtaking. I wish I had had more time to stand and gaze at this piece – time to appreciate the work that has taken it from conception to being. Amazing. Can you tell that I am in awe?

unfolding vanessa wallaceImage via 

Unfolding by Vanessa Wallace records a moment from everyday. So many kinds of wonderful. Standing from afar the circles of colour look like bubbles floating against white light but on closer inspection these bubbles are actually passing moments in 2009. Photographs from a moment in time coupled with some faint handwritten text from the day. Reverse appliqué heightening the sense of peering in to another’s world. More than two-thirds of the year into my own ‘a photo a day’ journey I was particularly taken with this quilt. Appreciation for the daily discipline that went into it’s creation, admiration for the images themselves, and the stitches that bring them all together. Wondering too. The empty circle somewhere in November. Why was a day missed? What happened? 

Walking away from the exhibit I was filled with inspiration. A marvellous feeling. A great end to a very sweet day with my man before heading off into the afternoon traffic to collect children.


  1. Both of those quilts are amazing! i love the detail in the top one, it is so beautifully done, the angle of the childrens head is so perfect, esp. the little boy in the bottom corner, i love it.

  2. WOW, what a lovely thing to do together. I can't wait to do that kind of thing around Canberra after the school holidays with my husband. Love Posie

  3. They are absolutely amazing! I can understand you being blown away. What a great opportunity you took to see such incredible work. I've always felt a bit in awe of quilt work...I've been trying to spot the missing circle...I had better stop before I get all cross eyed:)

  4. Wow that is really breathtakingly beautiful. The circle one has me thinking all sorts of things that I have no time to do!


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