Sunday, October 10, 2010


hand prints 10.10.10To mark the date 10.10.10 we made prints of our ten fingers.


  1. What a great idea. It was such an auspicious date. So nice to create a special record of it.

  2. Such a great idea Sal. What a wonderful keepsake.

  3. Love it. Loved writing it yesterday too.

  4. What a lovely idea!!

    just been looking at your other posts and all the yummy stuff in your garden! Mine's all suffering in our start of summer heat and humidity - I need to plant more stuff that can cope! I'm very jealous of your coriander - it's my favourite herb, but only grows here for a couple of months each year in winter!

  5. Such a cute idea Sal.
    The man in our house has a 'thing' about dates - he wanted to pre-select the day the girls would be born as 02.04.06 but they foiled him and came early!


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