Saturday, October 2, 2010

sewing sunflowers

sunflower seeds

Not a lot of time or opportunity for sewing yesterday… not with fabric anyway – but I did manage to get some sunflower seeds into the ground. A perfect way to start blogtoberfest. It will be interesting to see how much they have grown by the end of the month. Just now the sunflower patch looks like a patch of dirt… but with any luck at the end of the month they’ll be little plants reaching for the sky.


  1. I really thought you were actually sewing sunflowers and had visions of some amazing embroidery... but the real ones are even better.

  2. I love seeing sunflowers, they alway look so happy. I haven't had any success growing them though I just can seem to get them to sprout, this time the girls are giving them a go maybe they'll have better luck.

  3. Oooo Nice one - blooming beautiful blooms on the way ;)

  4. one of the most rewarding plants ever grown.


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