Sunday, November 14, 2010

on my walls

Not a lot. I take a photo almost every day and yet there is not one, not a single one, printed and framed and hung on a wall. There isn’t even one printed and sticky taped to the wall. Nothing. Narda. Zip. Zilch.

Instead on my walls you will find quite a bit of this:

la little artist

Perhaps my little artist is protesting the blankness that surrounds. Her old room*, which at the moment is empty because she and her brother have decided to share a room, is the only room in the house with any adornments.

peter rabbit
Peter rabbit and his friends decorate the walls.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because I don’t want to hang pictures, prints and photos on my walls. Nor is it because I don’t have any. There are frames with prints wrapped in bubble wrap and sitting in corners of rooms and cupboards. I have frames sitting on shelves empty waiting for a photo and then to be hung.

I think the issue is commitment. Committing to a place. Committing to a photo. Committing to a frame. Let’s face it, we’ve been in this house for two years now and it is time I just got over it!

So I’ll be playing along with Wendy’s new meme each week, hopefully showing you something new that I have decided to hang on one of our many many blank walls. Thanks Wendy – this meme couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

See what other's have on their wall over here.

* oh no! You can even see half an empty frame in that picture too!


  1. OMG Sally - we have been in our house for almost 2 years too, and we have barely anything on our walls either. I recently put something up in the master bedroom, but apart from that we have a digital photo frame (unable to commit, haha) on the stereo cabinet and that is it. We also have some lovely scribbles...

  2. Take the plunge! We were the same in our old house, until my Mum came around and said it looked like a display home, so we set aboutchosing photos and frames and hung them all. It was much better after that. it is a real joy to be reminded of those special times through your photos. Go for it!

  3. I have the same commitment issue. I'm thinking of buying some of those sticky hooks for the walls that are removeable, just in case I hate where I've hung something.

  4. Thanks for joining in! This is just the thing I was hoping to inspire, myself included, x

  5. I'm loving the "Command" removable hooks that you can get at the supermarket and places like Big W, Kmart etc etc. I hate that when you decide where to place a picture you soon realised that there isn't a stud behind the plasterboard so nail-in hooks won't work! We have successfully used heaps of these hooks around the place and I'm happy knowing that I can change my mind at any time and not have to patch holes in the plaster.

    PS. Love the octopus outfit - perfect for getting wet at the beach!

  6. It's a hard one, trying to find the perfect place for your pictures. I've had the same ones up for ages but have never been bothered to change them, that's it for me the decision was made.(lol) I look forward to see what goes up on your walls.xo


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