Thursday, December 16, 2010

and then she was two

… there was a twinkle twinkle cake…the cake

… bunting and balloons…bunting

…presents to be unwrapped…presents

… and party food…party food

… and swimming in the pool…swimming

It was a happy happy birthday all in all.cutting her birthday cake

… and then I collapsed into bed overwhelmed by pure exhaustion!


  1. Love the party shots and LOVE the bunting! It's so long! Must have taken forever to do. Happy birthday to little miss:)

  2. absolutely gorgeous Sal!
    happy birthday beautiful little Miss.
    you must thank your mum for all your gorgeous party treats & decorations, she definitely deserves it.

  3. That cake is too cute!!! It glitters!!! Well done...

  4. Everything looks so colourful and fun - the perfect 'turning two' birthday. Happy birthday to your girl (and to you! Of course!) x

  5. Happy birthday! It all looks so sweet.

    The similarities and differences between boys and girls turning two! Love it all!


  6. Your bunting is awesome.
    The cakes are awesome!
    The pool looks awesome! (you have a pool! Cool!)
    The birthday mess made it all look awesome!
    Your kids are cute!

  7. No wonder you were exhausted - crocheted bunting no less!
    Sounds like a great day Sal - glad Little Miss M had fun.

  8. YAYAY!! It looks gorgeous!! Such a beautiful dy by the looks too!

  9. No wonder you collapsed!! The bunting looks amazing and that twinkle star cake, well I am just lost for words at such a beautiful work of art! Hope your energy has somewhat recovered for the gear up to Christmas, can't believe it's a week away! Eek!

  10. How pretty, what a great bash you had there!! Happy Birthday to yet another family crazy enough to have birthdays in December. Love Posie

  11. Oh My! I feel so guilty asking you to do my nephew's pressie on top of all that...were you running on pure caffeine for a week!!!
    For goodness sake, have the drink and get some SLEEP!

  12. It looks all so good Sal and your little one looks like she had a great time unwrapping those sweet gifts you made. Look at all that rainbow bunting, just perfect. You are one lovely and clever Mum. xo

  13. Happy belated birthday beautiful, funny, gorgeous little Nali girl! It's been hectic here since I started working but it is impossible to forget your birthday!


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