Thursday, February 17, 2011

doing it for the kids

The children’s bedroom that I started painting last week has all been done. The bunk bed has been assembled, as have the new chests of drawers. It has been a busy week, and as is typical for me every step has taken much longer than I’d planned for in my mind.

bunk beds

new chest of drawers

The room feels all lovely and fresh. We painted the room the same shade of white, peplum quarter (dulux), that we did when we originally moved in here a little over two years ago. It needed just one coat to conceal some toddler art and dirt and grime that had been “creatively” smeared over the walls.

So far so good with the boy keeping his clothes in his new chest of drawers. He is doing very well indeed – I’m chuffed. To help him and his sister out I made them some PJ people…

PJ people 

Now they can store their PJs in these cute little people’s tummies rather than on the floor! Well that’s the idea anyway.

PJ boy on bedPJ girl on bed 

Still a few finishing touches needed for the children’s bedroom. I’ve bought some frames so that E & M can do some painting and hang their own artworks on the walls to bring some more colour into the room. We’re also going to hang the hand prints that we made last year.

need to hang art

I also need to make some decisions about curtains.  I keep changing my mind about making my own or buying some ready made.

Be sure to head on over to creativity central for inspiration overload.


  1. I can see the pj people being a Xmas present hit next year!

  2. Your pj people are adorable. The room looks great. I have my boy and girl share a room too. I keep forgetting that bunk beds are an option, such a great space saver.

    I like your toy storage solution too, it's great when everything has a place and becomes a bit of a feature as well : )

  3. I love the pyjama people , very reminiscent of your little people .

    The new room looks great Sally and i admire the job you did assembling Ikea furniture, it looks like such a peaceful spot.

  4. Oh, I love your pyjama people! I had a pink pyjama elephant called Pyjamafant when I was little and I loved him.

    I am the same as you, always thinking jobs will take a lot less time than they really will. Stupid jobs, taking precious time away from our me time!

  5. OH that looks terrific. I am sure the kids are loving it. Well done. & your pj bags are fabulous. Very clever you.

  6. looks great Sal - I love those little PJ people.

  7. Looks great Sal - I love the drawers, and the PJ people are very cute!

  8. The children's bedroom looks lovely, and the pyjama people is a wonderful idea I may use for my own kids! (Anything to keep more things from going on the floor :)

  9. i read this on Karen's blog and thought of you :) I love the pj peeps. we're thinking about bunks too, but the ones where you have a double at the bottom.

  10. LOve the pyama sacs, did you make them? They are great.... Would love to make them for our grandchildren.


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