Tuesday, September 20, 2011

four weeks


The world is gradually unfolding for baby O. Four weeks on the outside and everyday he becomes more and more alert, his eyes wear an expression of awe and wonder. Evidently he is making sense of it all, bit by bit.

4 @ 4wks

We’re all rather tired here. All of the children have colds. They’re all feeling poorly. It is overcast, windy and rainy. We’re house bound. The day’s hours fleet past so quickly and we’re all moving s l o w.

There is still time for smiles…

4 wks

…even in our sleep.


  1. Awwwww, absolutely love your photo's so so beautiful x

    Have a lovely cosy week.

    Leah x

  2. Congrats on the gorgeous new addition to your family Sally! Hope you all get well soon and the weather warms up quickly for you!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. oh my gosh, what a beautiful little face.just so perfect. i hope the sun shines for you soon x

  4. Oh it is crap being sick and a very new parent.

    Get better real quick you all.

    What lovely pics. Reminds me of how much my just two year old has grown...

  5. Soooo sweet! I do hope you are all feeling better soon, so you can up those energy levels. Hard being sick with a littlie.

  6. Love his sleep smile! Ed laughs in his sleep sometimes and it's the cutest thing. I wonder what they dream about?

  7. that last pic is an absolute corker!! Hope you guys get rested up and feel better soon xo

  8. How gorgeous is little O in that last picture - what a happy chap. Sorry to hear about the colds at your house - hopefully some more spring sunshine comes your way soon and you can get out into it and replenish your Vitamin D and all feel A-OK!

  9. He is so beautiful Sal. I hope everyone starts to get better soon. xo

  10. He's such a beautiful baby. Obviously very happy :)

  11. I wonder what he is dreaming about? Gorgeous smile, just that has got to make everyone feel better xx

  12. He must have been having happy dreams - so sweet!


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