Monday, December 19, 2011

three is a special number

Ms. M is three. At the start of this year she was my baby and now twelve months later she has grown into my little girl. She has been planning and dreaming of her birthday party since February.

pink and yellow bunting

Pink and yellow, her favourite colours, bunting decorated the party area along with pink balloons. There was a plastic Dora table cloth and blue paper cups labelled with every child’s name with a custom made Dora sticker. (Thanks Posie for that fantastic idea) There were also Dora party bags filled with some lollies but mostly plastic jewellery, stickers, and balloons.

birthday food

Of course there was party food and a Dora cake. There was party craft involving obscene amounts of glitter too.A party just isn’t a party without pass the parcel, an egg and spoon race (real unboiled eggs people!), musical statues and good ol’ hide and seek.

The birthday girl wore a pink dress with a yellow ribbon that I made the Friday night before the party and by the end of the event it was stained all over with evidence of lots and lots of fun.

do you think she enjoyed the cake

Me thinks she enjoyed eating her Dora birthday cake! The cake is a Beetroot Chocolate Party Cake – my go-to party cake as it is dairy free and makes a large quantity to feed the masses. It is lovely and moist too and keeps well so it can be made a couple of days ahead of the party.

On the actual day of her birthday I made her a sponge cake. It was ok but I don’t think I’ll be winning CWA awards any time soon. I certainly need to keep practising the art of baking sponge cakes – I don’t think the family will mind if I do.

her birthday cake on the day

So my gorgeous girl had a couple of lovely days celebrating turning three. She received some fantastic gifts too, including her very first bike.

Afterwards I’ve been feeling pretty wiped out, overwhelmed with tiredness - hence the impromptu bloggy break. I’m back now and ready for Christmas. Let the adrenaline pump through my veins because I have a lot to do, including assisting my man lay a floating floor in the main living area so that we can hopefully get our Christmas tree up in time for the big day.


  1. Oh the bunting came up awesome, not that I ever doubted. lol
    Cake looks great, both of them. Well done, sounds like a terrific birthday 1 happy grown up girl.

  2. Happy Birthday Ms M! It looks like the party was loads of fun.

  3. It looks beautiful, all of it, but mostly your beautiful girl.

    Love that your fridge in the background looks a lot like mine; covered in things.

  4. Happy Birthday Ms M!! Looks like the most wonderful quintessential kid party to me, you throw a hell of a bash Sally.
    And yes there is no doubt in my mind she enjoyed her cake! xo

  5. Looks like it was a fun-filled party. Love the bunging :)

  6. WOW you did a fantastic job! Way to go. I am no where near as motivated and crafty as you when it comes to parties... maybe because I have boys?

    We are JUST getting our Christmas decos out today... slow us. That is fine - they wont get a chance to collect dust!!!

  7. Happy birthday to the big 3 year old! Everything looks fabulous.

  8. Wow Sal... I'm spellbound by all that food - yum!

  9. What a great party! They are completely exhausting though, I agree! Happy Birthday little M, now you can start planning your next one ;)

  10. The bunting looks just fantastic, amazing how easily it decorates the whole back yard! (If only it didn't take so long to make hey!) And I am super impressed with your Dora cake decorating! Like you I am a sponge practicer. Not quite there yet but determined because they are Keenan's favourite cake! That'd be right hey, one of the few things I just can't get right!

    Rest up now (in between floor laying) before the Christmas frenzy starts. I'm already sleeping worse than my already really bad with the thoughts of everything I need/want/have to do before Friday and our first dinner!

  11. Happy happy 3rd birthday Ms M what a special day you had and a wonderful job you did Sal. x

  12. Sorry I missed this post Sal, I hope Miss M had a great day it sure looks like she did. What a lot of fun. Well done to you.


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