Monday, December 5, 2011

the unravel dilemma

spring jumper

Way back in January I started hooking this spring pullover, and then with the tiredness that comes with full-time employment, child wrangling and pregnancy it got put to the side. Forgotten. The year almost over I am reviewing my unfinished projects, the ones to finish now and the ones to carry on over to next year. Without doubt this project will be left to complete in 2012, however in the mean time I have to decide to carry on or unravel and just start afresh. Frankly I have no idea what size I decided to make and the idea of counting rows and stitches is not very appealing… your thoughts?

There has been an unravel decision with the ripple blanket too. Somewhere, somehow I dropped one stitch. Last night on discovery I decided just to sneak an extra one in and carry on like nothing had happened, but this morning I woke knowing that I would unravel a couple of rows to correct the mistake. Whilst no one else in the world is going to notice the one missed stitch and the sneaky one added later to catch up I will know. I will know that the beautify melody in 4:4 time was for a row or two missing a note.


  1. I've been doing lots of unraveling lately. Happily we are now on the right path. I have a jumper that was three quarters knitted years ago and I know it will never fit me again. I wonder if one day I will unravel that one?

  2. I always un ravel. It sucks when you are your own terrible critic with everything hand made.

  3. Personally, I would rather count than unravel. But, if you are going to start fresh, I'd start using the yarn and then unravel as I stitch. That makes me feel better than when I just unravel the whole thing and make a ball of yarn because I can see one project grow while the other unravels :).

  4. yep unravel the top & start over. I'm with you on trying to figure out where you are up to. Quicker to indo.

    Yes fix blanket. Then use a stitch marker & do a quick check along your rows every so often. I do this & that way I never have to undo much of a row. I check more often if tired or anything. Has saved heaps of time.

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  6. I am a sucker for unravelling..especially if I have dropped a stitch or forgotten where I am at.
    I say fix the blanket and unravel the top and start over...if you are anything like me you will thanks yourself later :)


  7. Oh, I totally agree. You try to continue on and pretend that's how it wsa supposed to be but then you do a bit more and it just irks you so back it has to be unraveled! Gorgeous jumper and colour, hope you get it done for 2012!


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