Monday, February 6, 2012

lego man

…or should I say mini-figure?

lego man t-shirt

When I saw this tutorial for a min-figure shirt on Lioness Lady's blog I just new I had to make one for my boy. There was a giveaway and whilst I had my fingers and toes crossed it was someone else’s turn for lady luck to shine on them. No matter. This appliqué really was very easy to sew. Another birthday gift  for the boy – one that I did actually have ready on the day. Needless to say he loved it.

lego man applique 

the boy

I am determined to be more organised this year with my gift making so the next time I see t-shirts on sale the plan is to buy up big on size 5 & 6 and make some ready to gift. That’s the plan anyway… you’ll have to wait and see how the execution goes. But hey – best intentions are half the journey… maybe?!?!

I find it very difficult gifting to my children’s friends – the ones that I don’t know anyway. Lego man shirts I think will be universally loved by boys turning five or six.

Are you organised and have gifts pre-made ready in advance? Any good ideas or suggestions how to be ready ahead of time for birthdays?  I really do need your help!


  1. Love lego man shirt! Awesome & a sure fire hit I bet for all boys...

  2. AHH it's super cute !!!
    I'm one of those people who does tend to most of time end up with gifts for people way early than their birthday but I'm not sure it's through any great organistation. ( as I'm not organised) Often it's just luck seeing things that just are Them and pouncing on them or the idea. With my dad who is super hard to buy for I think about his birthday all year. I also am more and more asking some of my amazing clever crafty friends to make special custom things for people I love. WHich takes the pressure off me a bit and it still something home made . I'm not sure that is any help ?

  3. Cool shirt! I am hardly ever organised for birthdays, except for the kids of course :-)

    1. I'm not even organised for my own children's birthdays!

  4. this is SOooo totally cool.

    LOVE IT. Ummm I really like this idea.

    No I am not organised - it goes more like "oh man what are we gong to get so and so/.."

  5. I love it and you do make it look easy.

  6. I love love this idea. I think maybe even my 9 and 10 year old lego fan nephews would like one of these. Am I organised ahead of time, very rarely. I would love to be which reminds me I need to start some card making. Because I was making a crochet bag I made a second and put it away but for now that's about as far as I have gotten. I hope someone else has some good ideas for you. x

  7. Oh Sal this is so timely - we are going to a twin six-year-old boy party on sunday - they would love this - and so would their mum!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love the look on Master E's face - it's a winner!

  8. So cool, looks like it's screen printed but applique is always so much easier & less messy. Plus a bit of texture works a treat. Who doesn't love their boys & their Lego right?? Love Posie

  9. This looks wonderful Sally! Much neater than mine. And look how chuffed he is with it! Thanks for linking up to me too.

  10. This is super dooper! I love it! I love to make handmade gifts but usually I'm 99% finished on the day of their birthday but the last 1% takes me another week or 2 to complete!

  11. I really like that and I think it's something I could just about manage! I bought a stack of plain tees to do something similar to - I'll have to give it a go (Target have great plain tees on sale sometimes for a good price, they have washed really well).


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