Sunday, March 11, 2012

food made with love

raspberry friands

Raspberry friands, baked before the sun had risen.

pancake stack

Chocolate pancake stack, falling over just as impatient as the children nagging to eat it.

birthday cake

Birthday cake.

Food made with love by me for my love.


  1. Mmm yum, it all looks delicious! I can't wait til I find the motivation and energy to bake again.

  2. Oh Happy Birthday to D. Lovely baking! Pancakes look great!

  3. mmm those friands look delicious. And i love the look of that cake, so very much a birthday cake, so friendly ( ok i'm a bit nuts)
    Happy birthday to your love too! xo

  4. I'd be pretty impatient about tucking into all the deliciousness too :)


  5. I sooooo want those chocolate pancakes right now. It's 10.18PM. the perfect time for a chocolate craving.

  6. That cooking looks delicious and I can see how much love went into it. I hope that your love enjoyed his special day:) x

  7. OH my gosh, that chocolate pancake stack has me drooling! How delicious!


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