Monday, March 5, 2012

lisette sew-along :: I’m in!

I'm in!

Fabric chosen. Pattern bought. Lisette Continental Dress sew-along – I’m in.


  1. I sew want to do this. I just cannot get enough time to do craft that is already here - how on earth will I get this done.

    I will be in awe when I see yours : o )

    I like the choice of fabrics!

  2. You are brave, very brave! Braver than I :-)

  3. I am in too, but I already own 3 Lisette patterns I am yet to try so i am torn between using them first, or buying another pattern! Still, at 50% off, maybe I should just buy it now anyway...

    Love your fabric choice!

  4. ooh fabulous fabric! it'll look amazing :D

  5. Your fabric is gorgeous... Can't wait to see all the lovely dresses popping up all over!


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