Thursday, March 8, 2012

a toile

the yellow lisette kinda toiletwisted neckline

I’ve sort of sewed a toiled of the Lisette continental dress pattern. Sort of because it isn’t the length of the dress, sort of because I’ve used a light voile whereas I intend to use a heavier cotton for the real McCoy and sort of because it isn’t hemmed yet.

The pattern is so simple that a toile really isn’t necessary but I noticed that the pattern has an ease of 7½" and I’m between sizes. The plan was to have a quick run through first of all to see how that pattern fits before cutting the fabric I’ve chosen for the dress.

I’m glad I did. I gave Bec’s idea of using shirring elastic for the gathers a go and somehow stuffed it up. Perhaps it is because the voile is so light weight? Not sure. Due to limited fabric the binding for the neckline was not cut strictly on the bias. This has twisted the neckline, which probably could almost look like a feature if the gathers were so chunky and just wrong!

The arm holes are a little gape-ish and this is where I think I might have a go at adjusting the pattern. There is, however, a nagging thought that perhaps with the heavier material and the extra length this won’t be needed. I’ll just think about it some more me thinks… and perhaps even turn to my dear friend Google for some help learning to adjust patterns.

… and here is a sample of why I don’t take more photos of myself modelling garments! One of the shots you can’t even see the twisted neckline I’m trying to show you. Mmmm. I better stick to just one side of the lens me thinks.

 yellow lisette toile

I’m off to unpick the neckline (thank goodness I hand stitched it – easy peasy to pick apart), stew the idea of adjusting the arm holes in my head and determine a length for this voile top… and then it is time to cut into the “real” fabric.

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  1. I have trouble wrapping my head around altering sewing patterns, so I wish you luck! I'm interested to see what you come up with.

  2. Good luck with your pattern fiddling! You could always ask Carolyn for advice, I'm sure she wouldn't mind. I like the photos of you modeling the top, and I love that colour on you! The top will look great all hemmed and less wonky in your eyes (I can't really see it?)

  3. I think Bec had problems with the gapey armholes too. Not quite sure what she did to fix it though!
    Love the mirror photos - too cute!

  4. well the colour looks great!

  5. OMGsh you are SOoooo clever!!!!

  6. Hey Sally, the final fabric will affect everything. The way the garment falls (drapes), the way the gathers sit and the armholes, so it depends on how heavy the fabric is. The shoulders look fine so maybe just bring the seam in at the underarm point 0.5cm and graduate that back into the side seam. That yellow is good on you, you should make something that colour!

  7. Hello Sally,

    Just perfect for this weather we are having. Good luck with your sewing.
    happy days.

  8. Oh it's so sun shiney & yellow, adorable. I'd wear it all through Winter with a cardigan too. Love Posie

  9. I just revisted this post and laughed because I had a really hard time taking photos of myself too.

    The gaping arm holes were a problem for me too- and I used linen, so relatively heavy. I thought it was because of the gathering. I dunno though. I couldn't be bothered altering the pattern- I don't have the smarts for that!

  10. I love it but I am convinced you can wear ANYTHING and still look good. I am not unhappy with the gathering at the front but I always worry about not doing the edging on the bias because it might go weird when I wash it. The armholes look good in the picture but that might be because you have your arms up.

  11. I think you're pretty clever, sewing for myself or any clothing for that matter really scares me. It looks good on you and it's lovely to see you on the other side of the camera:) c

  12. I love the yellow! I signed up to Curlypops sew a along last night actually cause Spotty had 30% off yesterday - got the pattern and am using the same material as the picture. I have managed one arm hole but the other is not going well for some reason! I can beleive how quickly it has come together though!


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