Sunday, March 11, 2012

words and pictures :: warm

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I’m driving. Alone in the car, it’s rare to be on my own. It is hot outside, a 40° mid-March day, not uncommon in this part of the world. The air-conditioning is set to chill and it is blasting my face, it is easy to forget the baking temperature outside. Gotye’s track #3 is playing as loudly as the car’s stereo will permit without crackling, as soon as it finishes I flick the back track switch so that I can listen to it all over again. I am reminded of my youngest son’s birth, it was the number one song and I think of triangles. I like triangles. “You didn’t have to cut me off” both hands leave the steering wheel gesticulating as I loudly sing along. Free to let loose in the confines of the car.

I’m thinking of Pip’s topic “warm”, I’m racking my mind but nothing comes easily.

Flicking the track back one more time I am reminded of a time driving from Sydney to Canberra in the autumn. On that day I was listening to the one song over and over and over again too. Then it was Lenard Cohen’s Famous Blue Raincoat. It was on cassette and I’d developed the knack of rewinding the tape back to the start of the song nine times out of ten. It was cold out and my hands would clench the wheel as gusts of wind threaten to move the car outside its lane. I remember driving around Lake George, the sun streaming through the windscreen and its warm rays. It was warm inside that car. A warm car on an autumn’s day.

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  1. I remember a few years back - a sad time in my life -where I couldn't stop playing Lonely Wont Leave Me Along by The Arlenes in the car - over and over again. The car is a great place to be alone with your thoughts huh - well before I had the kid that is:

    Lovely post Sally:)

  2. When my kids were even younger, I used to envy my husband his drives to and from work. I don't miss commuting at all--I don't know how people handle that traffic every day!--but time alone to think, that's a rarity some days (weeks...months...)

  3. Oh yes, being able to rewind just one track on a tape to the spot was a great achievement wasn't it!

  4. ahhh lovely Sally... many memories pop back with this.

  5. Oh, I know that road SO well, and I have had a similar feeling winding round the 'lake' - those funny little hills so round on your right hand side and the empty, waterless lake basin on your left. Canberra is a warm place in Autumn, filled with those lovely colours in your picture.
    Thanks for sharing your warm memories!

  6. Tapes were so great, huh?! Driving along listening to a cassette in a cosy car sounds pretty warm to me! Thanks for Words & Picturing with us! Yay for YOU!


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