Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Perhaps the thread that I used was an omen. The A-line skirt was doomed to tough times. It wasn’t going to come together easily. Austerity would be required.

what could of been

After cutting out the wrong size and then attempting to take the side seams in I have finally come to the conclusion that in it’s current form this A-line skirt is not to be. Not now anyway. As it is, or should I write was because it is now in pieces, it was making my arse look like an oversized triangle. Fine if I was some sort of eccentric comic character with a pointy nose and my hair tightly tied in a bun… but I’m not so it wasn’t – fine that is.

in pieces

The pieces are now in a bag, stuffed in the cupboard. They will be retrieved when I’m not so made at them… because frankly I’m a little bit angry that the great vision and dreams I had for this skirt didn’t come to fruition. When I make peace the pieces will be retrieved and they will in one way or another become an A-line denim skirt. Just not now.

IMG_20120620_103112 IMG_20120620_115943 IMG_20120620_131754

The day wasn’t all destruction though. I finally tackled the washing basket for of jeans waiting to be hemmed. I have this awful habit of buying all my jeans at the same time… which means that they all tend to fall apart at the same time and there the vicious cycle continues as I trek out and buy more again. I just snapped up four pairs at the stocktake sales… but this time I have put a reminder in my phone to look for more in another twelve months to try and stagger the wearing out phase.


  1. An oversized triangular arse just will not do! x

  2. Sometimes it's best just to give a project a long time-out, isn't it!

  3. Sometimes a little distance with a project is just what is needed. Hopefully when you come back to it with fresh eyes it will turn out beautifully :)

  4. Oh no. The skirt had such pretty potential too! Would have loved the green lacey shenanigans going on there!

  5. YUP I have days like that with my sewing and making and it drives me bonkers. I don't have precious time to waste on mistakes!!!

  6. some days it is a good idea to give up on a project 'til your head is in a better/less frustrated place to deal with it! Such a pity it wasn't working out, the idea (and the fabric) for the skirt looked so good!.

  7. I am sad for you and your skirt, it looked amazing! Hopefully, when inspiration and motivation next strikes (and annoyedness leaves) it will turn out just how you imagined it and be totally wonderful!

  8. A reminder on your phone is a great idea :-)

  9. Sally, i practically have a whole separate room for my sewing experiments that went wrong(slight over exaggeration there). I've been sewing for over 30 years, so you can imagine the reject pile is on the large side, but, what's the old saying is 'it's all part of the learning process'. You have to make mistakes to go forward and keep learning otherwise you'll just stay in the same place. Confucius say,"you may not even go back and finish skirt but later you may find it again and think 'ooh that will be great for this bag'. Then you will find it just didn't want to be a skirt, it wanted to be a bag".


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