Saturday, June 2, 2012

autumn’s last week

a scarf for me

Autumn’s last week provided a couple of chilly mornings worthy enough to wear a scarf. This scarf I actually hooked last year when I returned to work full time. It was mostly hooked during lunch breaks sitting outside catching a few rays as my pregnant belly grew. I suppose in the busy-ness and haze of pregnancy it just never managed to make it to the blog. Now winter is here and it has been rediscovered, a forgotten friend returns for the cooler months.


playing with leaves

During these last autumn days we did our best to get out and about, soaking up the warm autumn rays and admiring the stunningly blue sky. The irony of living in these parts is that during the summer months there just isn’t opportunity to soak up the sun’s warming rays – they’re just too fierce and hot and so in the summer months much of the middle of the day is spent huddled indoors, sheltered from the heat.

brilliant blue sky

Hopefully they’ll be lots more of this stunning blue sky over the weekend. So it’s ciao from me for now… I’m heading out to the sun lounge to sew a bit more of my skirt for Cam’s skirt sew a-long. I’m late. There are reasons, but why dwell on that while the sun is shining and there is a peaceful moment (touch wood!).


  1. Delightful pics Sal. How lucky you've been not to have the winter yet. Your boy looke gorgeous in those leaves, I can hear the rustling from here. AND that white blanket ... OheMGee Loving it and can tell it's going to be totally gorgeous. XO.

    1. Thanks Cherie. Yep The White Blanket is progressing well. Will start a new motif this weekend me thinks. The willow one below was so much fun to hook.

  2. Replies
    1. Sitting up... he is pulling to stand now!!! Boo-hoo!!!

  3. I love the photo of O with the leaves, beautiful! So is the scarf :-)

  4. What a lovely scarf you get to wear now. Winter is here now too. Love the photo of Baby O playing in the leaves, looks like lots of fun. x


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