Sunday, June 17, 2012

sarah’s badge

Late last night I started a bit of stitchery…

saturday night stitching

… and today at Brown Owls I finished off a name badge for Sarah.

Sarah name badge

I used embroidery floss for the crocheted edging. I’m going to do this again one day. The floss is so shiny and silky looking – I’m really pleased. To make the wholes in the fabric so that I could crochet the border I used a thumb tack. It was all I could think of … it worked. I almost ran out of DMC 937 with only about six treble stitches to go… but Megan saved the day. The letters are a tad wonky – and one of the “a”s looks like an upside down “e” … and between you and me in the lateness of late Saturday night early Sunday morning I almost stitched my own name. Oops. Sarah (hebrew) and Sally (celtic) are one in the same name anyway – Sally is a derivative of Sarah and both names means princess. Just a bit of namey trivia for you there.

…and driving home from Brown Owls there was this marvellous end of day sky. A red sky delight. So much so that I couldn’t resist reaching for the camera to take a quick and very candid pic.



  1. that's so beautiful- in all its wonkiness! what a special gift :)sarah

  2. I love name trivia. Especially now we are trying to find a name for our little girl. My name means pure.

  3. A name badge that anyone would be proud to wear, and a bonus sunset. x

  4. I wondered what it was you were's gorgeous Sally :)

  5. Love a bit of wonky stitching. I often wish people wore name badges. (Damn you baby brain!) xx

  6. Very cute, love the grey and yellow together.


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