Sunday, August 12, 2012

more squares

The pile of squares is growing.

square by Chloe squares from Karensquares by knit girl(click the photo to follow the link to the maker’s blog)

This is getting exciting. The pile of squares is growing.

a pile of squares

… and isn’t this just one of the most delightful cards ever? the most delightful card ever!

I’ve been going to some card making classes facilitated by one of the mother’s at E.’s school. She started running classes in her home and when she sent out the email inviting people to come I really wanted to show her some support even though scrapbooking & card making really isn’t my thing. It’s a brave person who starts their own business, no matter how big and small. The cards we make are stamped and punched and embossed and … well frankly are very polished and sleek and … well … for me a little bit soulless. The same cannot be said for this card from Maureen. It is packed full of soul and heart. The kind of card I’d prefer to make.


  1. That really is a beautiful card....I only make a card if I think it will be treasured otherwise I neglect to add a card just a little note usually. x

    1. Yes... I must say that I am more often a note person if anything at all. There have been many times when I have gifted a birthday present with no card, no tag or note! I do manage to get them wrapped though... most of the time!!!
      That is a certain plus of making cards... there they are in the top draw ready and waiting for an occasion.
      Card giving is certainly one of my aspirations.

  2. Good on you for taking that attitude, you are totally right it does take courage to start a business and it is soul destroying when people in your immediate network won't help out even by attending a demo / class or party. Hence i always get sucked into t'ware parties and the like, but it gives me an excuse to have a get together.
    Lovely card

  3. Such a gorgeous card made for you and I can see how much love and effort has gone into creating it for you:) Even if the cards aren't your thing it's nice to be able to get together and you'll probably enjoy going home and creating more of your own, in your own style. I don't make as many as I used to but I still love handing a card over with a little note written inside and I find that those who I give handmade ones to they actually keep which makes it worthwhile and if not I still enjoy the making part. :) x

  4. That is a really beautiful card. I am not really a card person, I usually don't bother with them at all. When I do, I prefer to do hand-made ones. They are never that cute though. It certainly has me thinking about how I could improve on things...


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