Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Exciting times here. Squares for the Born To Knit blanket that I’m putting together are starting to arrive. The great news is that I’ll have more than enough squares to probably make two blankets. I’m uber chuffed.

squares by Cassquares by Debsquares by Sandisquare by Amanda(click the photo to follow the link to the maker’s blog)

I’m still practising my knitting making squares.

changing coloursI’ve been playing around with changing colours…

curly wurly squares… and practicing my purling to make a stocking stitch too. Hopefully these squares will be okay once they’re stretched out between two garter stitched squares – on their own they’re quite curly wurly!

I’ve made a ribbed square too and now I’m planning to cast on a moss stitched one. I’m enjoying learning new stitches and techniques and I’m still loving consolidating my basic knit stitch too… there are some needles and yarn in the car’s glove box ready for a row here and there as I go about my days.

my helper

It would seem that I am breeding a yarn lover. Baby O just can’t get enough of balls of yarn, crochet hooks and knitted squares. It is so lovely to watch his delighted expression as he plays yarn. We were having much fun this morning playing a mini tug-a-war game. He was laughing aloud and having such a good time. Makes my heart melt.

Perhaps you want to practise a new knitting stitch (or just consolidate an old familiar one) and make a square too? It’s not too late. Read here for the details.


  1. hooray for breeding a yarn lover, well done! Loving those squares.

  2. awesome effort by everyone sally :) loving the stripy coloured ones :) what an achievement to make 2 balnkets :) yay

  3. Wow! What an awesome effort. If you block the ones that are curling they should be fine. Squares are a great time to practice new stitches.

  4. Nothing like that baby laugh sound, nothing!

  5. doing a great job with the knitting!

    Plus it's great that there are so many out there helping out with the squares for the blankets & learning a new craft too!

  6. Looking good Sally. I'm afraid knitting was getting the better of me and making me cross so I'm giving it a rest for the moment!

  7. Mine are curly wurly too! I'm enjoying stockingette stitch, all those little v's just appeal to me right now. How exciting to be getting lots of squares in the mail :)

  8. Hey! If you are worried by the curly wurly you could block them?
    See: Mostly I try never to hardcore block - I am hopefully never stretching or reshaping so much as just smoothing out (un-curly wurlying) to the expected and natural size and then fixing that...

    Also, I love that you made all this effort when you have a person small enough to be called a baby - such a busy time! You get supreme kudos for organising :)

  9. Lots of lovely knitted goodness here:) I love the sound of a baby giggling away with happiness:) xx


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