Wednesday, November 28, 2012

yarn along

a gusty windy kind of day

It is a grey, gusty, windy day here in my part of the world. The perfect kind of day to stay in one’s PJs and curl up in bed with a book and/or some yarn and a hook and/or needles. It was not to be though, one child needed to be taken to a specialist appointment, two children needed to be dropped off and picked up from different locations and the youngest wee babe decided that today was not going to be a nap day! So there was no sneaking back into bed with a book and/or some yarn related activity – not even for a quick half hour.yarn along 28.11.12     The pieces of the jacket are completed. There is a back, two front pieces and now two sleeves. The time has come to start joining it all together and knitting the collar. One ball of yarn remains. I’m hopeful that this project is going to work out. A tad optimistic even.

See my very cheap bamboo needles. They’ve bowed, no longer straight at all. Is it from holding the needles too tight? Emparting my daily stress into the bamboo’s particles? Or is it because I shove them ungraciously into my handbag, bedside table draw, the car’s glove box? Maybe it’s just because they’re cheap? Your thoughts? Does this happen to you?

I’ve started the text, but am yet to finish it. I had expected that I would have read this short novel in a couple of days, a night even. The opening chapter however is set at a funeral. I’ve not progressed any further. I will. Just not really been in the mood for reading something that at this point suggests it might be a bit dark and heavy.

And speaking of not progressing any further…

just can't work it out

… for a  while there I was participating in a crochet-along. All was going swimmingly until I encountered round 4 of the SmoothFox’s Starburst Flower Square. I just can’t work it out. The brain is not computing what I’m reading on the page. No comprend-ay. Narda. Zilch. I’ve tried this, and that … I’m stuck. Absolutely stuck.

So what about you? Did you manage a sneaky half hour or so in bed with a book or some yarn today? Are you straight or bent when it comes to knitting needles? Ever had a brain freeze reading what should be an easy pattern?

Do tell.

Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.


  1. Even my metal sock needles have a bend to them (I can't use bamboo that thin, they snap). For me, I think it's because I make sure the stitches at the joins from one needle to the next are nice and tight. Or maybe it's the way I hold them. I'm not a tight knitter or a loose knitter but I do snug up the edge stitches to prevent ladders. But those are DPNs--I can't use straights like what you show there. If I'm not using DPNs, I'm using circs, even if I'm knitting back and forth. I find them much more comfortable and manageable. That blue you're using is a gorgeous color!

  2. Well done on your knitting! No idea why the needles are bent! I say you wore them out already! lol
    Oh poo about rd 4! Pop into the CAL & the ladies will guide you through I'm sure! I think that's the one I battled on. If Mary did it already, use her picture to guide you as they are always clear to follow!
    Give the book a miss for now. I would! lol
    I hope your weather improves! But then it will only get horribly hotter I expect! But wind is annoying! go away wind!

  3. Hi Sally..looks like you just need sturdier needles to be able to bear that huge workload you put them through..hehe! The stormy blue of your knitting is gorgeous.

  4. Oh, grey gusty day, I'd like one of those. There's a heat wave predicted here. Did I ever say that I am not a summer girl? Humidity makes my brain shut down. Also, how is one to knit comfortably in 30+ degree temperatures, even with the fan on? :)

    I can't use bamboo needles, they give me the pips. May I suggest trying metal circular needles for your next project? It doesn't have to be in the round knitting to use circulars. You can knit back and forth on them. Instead of having the weight of the work hanging from each side of the needles (which probably bent them) and the weight being in your wrists, the weight is on the cable between the needles. Try and you will see (and thank me!) Easier to shove in your handbag too.

    Good luck with the crochet along. Perhaps a new day and another try and you will get there? xx

  5. I have some bamboo needles that are bowed, too. I just keep using them because it doesn't affect my knitting. They get smoother with use and I really enjoy using them. Maybe you can go back to your crochet on another day and it will work out. Sometimes that happens to me. I also like to read in cozy.

  6. SQUEEE!So excited you've signed up for #reverb12!
    See you tomoz.
    Kat x


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