Monday, October 28, 2013

97% finished

97% finished - not quite completed pants for Ms. M

97% finished - not quite completed pants for Ms. M - closer detail

So I didn’t quite meet my goal of sewing Ms. M trousers for the kids clothing week challenge. Housebound and all that past week flew by, I’m left struggling to account for the time.

The trousers are 97% finished. There is hemming and sewing on some buttons to be done. In order to fall over the finish line a co-operative child is required, which at this particular time is not so easy to conjure. There are some pretty tricky emotions being navigated by the small folk as they adjust to life is a slightly bigger family.

I’m sure I could have completed this very manageable goal of sewing one pair of pants had I been in possession of my real brain (can anyone tell me when I will  get that back?), instead I found myself reading, re-reading, blankly staring at, the pattern instructions. My confusion and befuddlement was not helped by repeatedly confusing the word placket with pocket! Thank goodness I was eventually struck with the idea of asking Mr. Google for a tutorial.

The upside, it should be easy to improve output next time I participate in the challenge!?!?

With any luck I’ll be back soon with some all finished shots – maybe even with a co-operative model… but that might just be pushing things a little too far!


  1. They look wonderful, Sally. best not to mess them up with a dirt laced wriggling child, anyway!

  2. They look gorgeous so far...I think you did well to even contemplate starting them xxxxx

  3. They are so sweet! I think you've done well to get that far, they don't look like they are the simplest of patterns.


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