Friday, January 3, 2014

thank goodness the little hat was too big

‘Twas windy in these parts today. It has been noted that this mob can be a tad erratic on a windy day. If you’re a mother then you’d understand that I’m feeling a little frazzled tonight, exhausted and drained. I’ve been putting out fires all day. In the midst of it all, the metaphoric fire fighting that it is, I cleaned out my little Ace’s drawers. I’ve been putting off the task for more than a week now… not so much because it is a difficult job to do, more that I don’t want to recognise, concede even, that the boy is growing – graduating from 000 to 00. Plain and simple it makes me sad. This is all going too fast. I know what is happening here, I’ve been here before – except unlike with my first born where I celebrated and cooed over every milestone, this time round I dread it, grieve it and reluctantly acknowledge it.

virtù - a summer hat 1virtù - a summer hat 2 virtù - a summer hat - but his hands are more interesting

I sewed my sweet growing babe a little hat for the summer. All part of my stash busting regime that I’m going to dedicate myself to in 2014. Also because it is summer and I love to make things for my darlings. I used a boaty fat quarter from my stash and some starry scraps. It’s a bit big for him. YAY! This, my sole positive thought, I clung to with all my mental might as I  emptied drawers and restocked them, “at least the little hat was too big!”.

As for the babe? Well he could care less that I sewed him a little hat. There are more interesting things for him in this life. Like those things that he has just discovered at the end of his arms...

virtù - a summer hat - but his hands are a lot more interesting



  1. hehehe... he is so seriously studying his fingers! Love it!

    & great hat!

  2. That hat !!! As if he wasn't adorable enough. Love it. Hope it slows down a little bit for you :)

  3. So is tough with the get so busy with the whole gang that they grow without you even watching....he is adorable. Xx

  4. Oh yes, bitter sweet milestones, I hear you! I felt that way with Emerson and I will feel that way again with our last baby come May. Still, there are so many wondeful things to come.

    I really need to clear out Emerson's sweet little vintage dresses from her closet which she has outgrown... still haven't had the heart to do it. xx

  5. Beautiful boy. So good that he is growing so big and strong. I can see it would still be sad though at the same time. Very cute hat and hooray for stash busting! My two creations, one done and one almost done, are both stash busting as well. It is a nice feeling!


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