Saturday, February 22, 2014

striped beach shorts

virtù baby Ace plays as his Mama sewsvirtù - stripey beach pants for Evirtù - E borrows my shades - too glarey at the beach for a smile otherwise virtù - E wears his stripey beach pants

Hallelujah! Somehow this week I found time for some sewing.  Well to finish off some sewing that I started at the beginning of the summer way back last year… but let us not dwell on what hasn’t been and just relish the fact that the shorts are finally finished.

There is a sweet pile of shorts for my boys waiting for those final stitches. This stripey pair had their pocket stitches pulled out at the very last minute as E and I headed for the car. An exciting morning for my lad – off to the shops with his Mama to spend some birthday money. The goal to get a load of trash packs! Despite myself I did point out some other options but was rightly put in my place – it was his money. I apologised and made a better effort to keep my motherly comments to myself.

Heading home we took a detour to the beach. An impromptu visit we bought a new beach towel at the shops to share between us and then promptly forgot about it and left it in the car. That mean a very tricky change from jeans and t-shirt into bathers for this Mama. E is still young enough not to be embarrassed by such things and with some very clever hang bag placements I think I made the change modestly.

The ocean was cool  and inviting. The perfect medicine for a week of sleepless nights caring for kiddos with fevers and colds. Refreshing. Relaxing. Invigorating.  I was so pleased to spend some one on one time with my eldest son at the shops and even more thrilled to share an impulsive moment with him too. I almost felt like my pre-child self, a feeling that was worlds away during the week.


  1. Hello Sally,

    Ooh I love those shorts. A very handsome young man you swam with. Also now I am enlightened about Trash Packs!! Hope he got the one he wanted.

    Happy swimming.

  2. Awww lovely shorts and a lovely outing with your boy!


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