Saturday, April 5, 2014

and then I bunny-hopped through the intersection

kurt cobain died twenty years ago

April 8, 1994: Sitting in my brown sigma (very similar to this one) at the lights on David Street waiting to turn right into Macarthur Ave, Triple J played on the radio as usual. I can’t recall exactly, but no doubt the ashtray was over flowing and I had another cigarette in my hand, the window wound down. I smoked Styvies in a soft pack back then. Waiting for the lights to change I was already aware of two police officers on bicycles in my rear-vision window. I had nothing to fear or feel guilty about but I managed to feel paranoid nonetheless.

The song finished and Kurt Cobain’s death was announced over the air-waves. The lights turned green. Overcome with shock I bunny hopped the car through the intersection.

Kurt Cobain - died twenty years ago

Kurt Cobain b. 20 Feb 1967   d. 5 Apr 1994



In tribute here is my favourite cover by the awesome Tori Amos


  1. Yes, I remember that moment too! What amuses me now is that my 14 year old daughter has just 'discovered' Nirvana and it's so funny seeing my initial love of their music anew, through her ;) Kx

  2. I was, 18 years old, in the bath at my then boyfriends house, he had just moved into his own place, it was a crappy bedsit but we loved that we had our own place to hang out in and he came in to tell me he had just heard it on the radio. He got into the bath fully clothed and we cried.

  3. I love the Tori Amos version and have it on regular rotation. I am afraid Nirvana passed me by - I was way too uncool :)


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