Tuesday, June 24, 2014

running late but being early

virtù - tracing and cutting patterns for sewingvirtù - prepping for sewing

The sun was shining in these parts today.  The washing dried (hallelujah for small mercies), sorted out a mix-up with E’s library card, and visited a park we haven’t been to in years, observing a western long neck turtle and lots of ducks. The afternoon was relaxed and so thinking that this week was Kids Clothing Week Challenge and I was already three days behind I got started tracing and cutting out a pattern. M. baked, E. played backyard cricket and A. crawled around my feet chasing balls. Lovely dovely afternoon…

… and it just got better and better. Using a piece of brown fleece that somehow made its way into my stash (and I sincerely doubt by me buying it so one has to wonder how it found its way into my possession) I managed to just squeeze in all the pattern pieces. Yee-haa.  Then just now I realised that KCWC isn’t actually until July 21, not June 21 so I am actually just under a month early. Yee-haa again.

The intention now is that this yoga tracksuit for M. will be finished before the next KCWC, with any luck that is. I guess if its not I can finish it then.

virtù - a duck under water

… and just because – here is a photo of a duck I saw swimming under water today.


  1. haha dont you love it when you discover you're ahead!!! wahoo for you!!

  2. hee hee - headstart for you - love it :)

  3. How awesome to be a month early...time to do double your tasks now xxxx


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