Monday, July 7, 2014

arrrrrrr! she’s a pirate

virtù - pirate mae

M’s teacher decided to end the term with a pirate dress up day. When I read the about the upcoming event in the class newsletter I must confess my heart sank a bit, *sigh* creating costumes isn’t really my forte. I’m not one for dress ups. My partner on the other hand – he loves a good costume party and my children to date seem to have inherited his enthusiasm.

On reflection the costume making wasn’t so bad. I’d made a tri-fold hat before (whereabouts now unknown – check out the picture of E way back then), the eye-patch was a breeze, the belt buckle was cut from a nappy box and the skirt was made with some purple fabric from the stash that I’d been trying to use up since forever. Win. Dada Dave came across the sword on a colleague’s desk and borrowed it for the day. It came home unbroken too. Win again.

She was one happy pirate. Biggest win of all.

The problems that she’s been facing at school all came to a head in the last week of term.  Her teacher noticed her extremely miserable one day at school and after much coercing over the coarse of the day M finally confided to her about the other girls excluding her from play and being nasty to her. The teacher addressed the issue immediately and the parents of the other girls were also notified. It was amazing to witness the immediate change in M. It was like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders.  The ring-leader, our neighbour, has since apologised reluctantly under the duress of her mother. M forgave her immediately and whole heartedly. My rational mind has too, but my heart is lagging a bit behind. Rationally I know that the child is so very young herself, but I also know that she knows right from wrong and she chose to wrong MY baby girl. I also know that  she comes banging on our door to play with M after school everyday (because there is nothing better to do) only to then bully her the following day at school.

It’s an awkward situation. I know it will pass. Just now though my inner lioness has been stirred. 


  1. So awesome to hear she is feeling better and the matter is being dealt with - right is right and wrong is wrong - we have to learn sometime. and your little pirate looks awesome!!

  2. So glad things are going better for her! Roar! I say- she's your little cub! But it is a difficult situation?

  3. What a gorgeous pirate!
    Glad the issues are better...

  4. Love your little pirate girl. My kid got dressed up as pirate recently too, nice not to have to do the princess look for once. Glad the school stuff was nipped in the bud, I fear its a pretty regular occurrence in schools across the lands. Sounds like you have a good teacher there too!

  5. She makes a fantastic pirate....sounds like she has the courage of a pirate too....glad you had a teacher to jump right on the behaviours of is hard to respond with your heart when our little ones are wronged.... Xxxx

  6. Great news that the school problem has been sorted out, just in time for a relaxing holidays too. I love the costume! M seems very happy with it too which is all the praise you need really!


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